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Elegant, Sophisticated & Special

Our White Starlit Dancefloors will add the ‘WOW’ factor to your Wedding or Private Function. Our white starlit dancefloors were carefully handmade to suit our requirements with elegance and versatility in mind. The dancefloor boasts hundreds of white LEDS which can be remotely controlled.

Our white dancefloors will be a perfect surprise for your guests – especially at weddings! Initially it will look like a bog standard dancefloor, until you take to the floor for your first dance when hundreds of white LED’s will light up and twinkle. It’s very romantic and is great for photographs.

All of our white starlit dancefloors are maintained, cleaned and polished hours before your event ensuring they look brand new! The secure locking system and invisible water proof protector allows your guests to dance the evening away without worrying about slipping over or spilling drinks.

Your Dancefloor, Your Way

These floors can be arranged in a square, ‘catwalk’ or rectangular layout with sizes ranging from 12ft square up to 44ft square and all sizes in-between.
Dancefloors are available in different sizes to suit your room and guest numbers and they perfectly compliment our stunning disco lightshow. Take a look in our main Photo Gallery for more examples of our dancefloors in use.
Starlit Dance Floors

Our starlit dancefloors are the most popular due to the perfect balance between Wow! Factor and cost. Available in black, white or striped with hundreds of twinkling LEDs built into them, you can control the speed at which the lights twinkle using a handheld remote control. These floors can be arranged in a square or rectangular layout with sizes ranging from 12ft square up to 24ft square and all sizes in-between.

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