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with personal experience of the venue, we’re the ideal choice for your entertainment!

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The Riverbank Bar & Kitchen is quite a unique venue which boasts stunning views of the river trent. The main function room is located upstairs and is called The Gallery – this fresh airy room is the ideal space for an array of functions.

There are several places the disco can be set up, either by the bar or in the small alcove – the choice is yours! Our venue mood lighting works a treat in The Gallery simply because the walls are painted in a crisp cream colour allowing us to light up the function room in your chosen colour scheme. Our starlit dancefloors are also very popular as there isn’t a dancefloor installed per se, the pictures below speak volumes!

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Luke & Dani, 6th September 2014 Riverbank Bar & Kitchen

Luke & Dani booked our services about eighteen months before the big day. Dani knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and throughout the whole process was incredibly organised which certainly makes my life easier! I’ve had the pleasure of working at The Riverbank on numerous occasions so knew the venue well. Dani had booked our ‘all day package’, venue mood lighting, photo booth and a black starlit dancefloor which looked stunning. I met them a few weeks before the wedding to run through their requirements and understand what they both wanted to achieve. We discussed the running order of the day and their music preferences.

On the day itself we were onsite in the morning ready to setup before the ceremony which started at 12.00pm – several trips up and down the stairs is harder than a workout at the gym! Everything looked beautiful and the staff worked hard to ensure the room looked perfect. After the ceremony the guests enjoyed canapés outside on the terrace and then during the wedding breakfast I provided background music which was carefully selected by Luke. I also provided wireless microphones during the speeches to ensure that everybody could be heard. Once the evening guests had arrived it was time for the first dance! The dancefloor lit up as soon as they stepped on it for the first time as husband and wife – it certainly does give the ‘wow’ factor as all the guests presumed it was a standard black floor! Straight after the first dance everybody got on the floor, waving their arms in the air and singing along to some classic tunes. It really was a fantastic evening! As they got married relatively early, it was a long day for some people so we agreed to finish at 12.00am even though the bar stayed open until 1.00am. ‘More! One more!’ – I ended up playing until 12.55am.

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